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World Earth Day in Rome: Zucchero performs Bono song at Colosseum

Zucchero plays in front of deserted Colosseum for World Earth Day.

Italian singer-songwriter and musician Zucchero “Sugar” Fornaciari performs a special version of Bono’s new song Let Your Love Be Known at the Colosseum on the occasion of the 50th edition of World Earth Day.

The performance will be aired during the #OnePeopleOnePlanet multimedia marathon broadcast on the Rai Play streaming channel, as part of a 12-hour schedule throughout 22 April.

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Zucchero, who has been friends with the U2 frontman for many years, said that both he and the Irish singer were moved by Italy’s balcony singalongs during the early days of the coronavirus emergency.

On St Patrick’s Day Bono penned the song Let Your Love Be Known which Zucchero transformed subsequently into Canta la vita, with the voices of both singers merging in the song.

In addition to Rai Play streaming, Zucchero’s performance will be shown on Rai1, Rai2, Rai3, Rai News and Rai Ragazzi.

For more details see the artist’s website and Facebook page.

Photo credit: Carlo Landucci / Zucchero.

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