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Tram / bus 3

If you want to travel as the Romans do and get a good glimpse of many of the city’s sites, all for a € 1,50 bus ride, then jump on Tram 3.

You can catch it just outside Trastevere station.It will take you to Porta S. Paolo and the Protestant cemetery, one of the most beautiful graveyards in the world, along the side of the Colosseum, past three basilicas – S. Giovanni, S. Croce in Gerusalemme and S. Lorenzo fuori le Mura – within walking distance of Rome’s La Sapienza University and into Parioli, one of the most fashionable areas in town.
The ride ends at the Museo Nazionale d’ Arte Moderna and after a visit to this modern art collection you could then continue to Villa Giulia the world’s best museum of Etruscan civilisation.
From here you can walk through Villa Borghese into the historic centre of the city. The only site you won’t see is St Peter’s but you can do that on Rome’s other famous (or infamous) bus, the 64. But hang on to your possessions as this is a favourite for pick-pockets.
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