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Together We Art Rome: Art Community Joins Forces To Fight Global Youth Poverty

Fundraising exhibit will be held at Palazzo Velli Expo.

Together We Art Rome presents its second art exhibition in the Italian capital from 18-23 October as part of a joint initiative to assist youth living in extreme poverty worldwide.

The exhibition will be held at Palazzo Velli Expo, in Rome’s Trastevere district, and will feature paintings, sculptures and other works donated by 41 leading artists from Italy and other European countries, the UK and the US.

The artists will collaborate with collectors, organisations, entrepreneurs, and businesses for the second consecutive year and showcase their works in Rome.

The event is being organised by Together We Art Rome, and the public will have the opportunity to bid for the artworks in an online auction via the platform Givergy.

The art exhibition will directly support Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y), an international movement changing the lives of young adults living in less developed countries through job training and network opportunities.

TWA Rome is part of a global initiative, Together We Art, with partners in Paris, New York, and London.

All four promote art to raise awareness about marginalized youth and fund LP4Y projects. As TWA Rome prepares for its second exhibition, New York is about to host its sixth edition and Paris its third. TWA London will soon host its first exhibition to showcase the work of emerging international architects and multi-disciplinary artists.

Laure and John Delaporte, who come from France, founded LP4Y after they traveled the world several years ago with their five children. They encountered many young people in various countries where poverty and exclusion from education impeded their access to professional development.

The Delaportes founded LP4Y with the belief that all youth have potential. Their ambition was to provide these youth with professional training and entrepreneurial programs.

“When creativity becomes one of the key elements for vulnerable young people to imagine a better future, they are exposed to an infinite universe of possibilities. This is a fundamental element of LP4Y’s commitment, inspiring generous artists to rally behind the youth and offer their support. Together, they breathe life into dreams, transform perspectives, and create a future filled with beauty and hope,” says Laure Delaporte in response to the TWA initiatives.

LP4Y works directly with 17 organizations abroad and has training and development centers in the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Lebanon, and Bangladesh. With a focus on youth aged between 17 and 24, opportunities are provided to help them learn and have experiences that offer them a place in the professional world, providing them with the confidence and ability to take control of their lives.

Funds from this year’s TWA events will be dedicated to an LP4Y Green Village in Calauan, Philippines, to assist vulnerable young women in the Professional Training for Entrepreneurs program. Green Villages have been established in regions away from larger cities and offer programs specially tailored for youth in rural communities.

There are also Green Villages in Chhattisgarh and West Bengal, India; Godawari, Nepal; Surat, Lebanon; and Tushbhander, Bangladesh.

“As a returning artist participating in our second event, it is inspiring to see the names of other artists whose generosity last year will be repeated,” says Lovisa Stephenson, a Swedish-American sculptor based in Rome and one of the event organizers.

“We are grateful for the sponsors and volunteers making this possible. This is a great opportunity to move this forward so that our annual event generates the recognition it deserves in Rome,” she said.

For full details see Together We Art Rome website.


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