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Sicily floods: Agrigento residents urged to stay indoors

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Emergency situation in Agrigento province of Sicily.

The Agrigento area of Sicily has been hammered by heavy rains leading to widespread flooding and landslides on the southwest coast of the Italian island.

The prefect of Agrigento, Maria Rita Cocciufa, has issued a “heartfelt appeal” to residents in the area, urging them: “do not get in the car and do not leave the house, the condition is of great, very great, risk due to the wave of severe weather that is affecting the northern area of the province of Agrigento.”

In addition to Agrigento, there are also emergency situations in Sciacca, Menfi, Ribera, with rescue operations and evacuations carried out throughout the night, reports Italian news agency ANSA.

In Sciacca, a retaining wall and part of a road collapsed close to a seven-storey building, swallowing several cars.

Sciacca mayor Francesca Valenti told Italian news channel Tgcom24 that the “town is on its knees, destroyed,” adding that it is “too soon to count the damage.”

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