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Rome’s rose petal ceremony at the Pantheon

Pantheon marks Pentecost with rose petal ceremony.

The spectacular tradition of rose petals fluttering down through the oculus of the Pantheon is held each year on the feast of Pentecost, which falls on 28 May in 2023.

The annual spectacle traditionally takes place after 10.30 Mass which this year will be presided over by Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, according to the Pantheon website.

The ancient ceremony involves fire-fighters dropping tens of thousands of rose petals 43 metres into the interior of the Pantheon, symbolising the Holy Spirit’s descent to Earth.


Due to its popularity, those interested in witnessing the event begin queuing several hours in advance, as entry ceases once the crowd reaches capacity.

The Pantheon made international headlines earlier this year after Italy’s culture ministry announced that a €5 entry fee would be introduced this summer, following an agreement with church authorities.


Access to the landmark, which attracted 9.3 million visitors in 2019, will remain free to Rome residents, people attending religious services and the under-18s, while visitors under 25 will pay an entry fee of €2.

For more details about the Pentecost Mass and other liturgical events see the Pantheon website. Photo Roma Today.


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