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Rome online music session to celebrate World Theatre weekend

For over 10 years Vitala Festival (a philanthropic initiative) and Teatro S. Genesio in Rome have hosted concerts, visual arts events and supported artists.

Teatro S. Genesio has also played an active part in the English-speaking community of Rome, hosting numerous performances by the theatre company, The Rome Savoyards.

While waiting for live events to be possible again and in order to pursue their philanthropic objective, Vitala Festival and Teatro S. Genesio are now presenting music sessions available for streaming.

The next music session will be made available for streaming on 28 March, a timely celebration in the weekend dedicated to World Theatre Day.

The music duo Fuaràn, formed by Emma Gordon (vocals) and Bernardo Nardini (guitar, octave mandolin, harmonica, low whistle, vocals) present a unique repertoire including Celtic inspired songs, well-known Irish and Scottish ballads, Sea Shanties and two original songs.

A promo video is available now here

How to register for the streamed music session:
– Ticket contribution for the online music session is €4.
– The ticket may be purchased via the following link.
– For alternative payment methods please contact:
– Tickets are available for purchase by Saturday 27 March 2021.
– Following payment, you will receive a notification and a link to watch the online session.
– The music session will be available for streaming only on Sunday 28 March 2021 from 10.00 to 23.00 (CET).
– For any further information please contact: or 3478248661.


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