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Rome night walks through Imperial Fora

Free for holders of the MIC museum pass.

Rome opens up the Imperial Fora, one of the most evocative archaeological areas of the city, for walks every evening from 24 June until 26 September, from 18.30 to 21.50.

The route starts from the multimedia museum under Palazzo Valentini where visitors can see the virtual reconstruction of  Trajan’s Column and the military campaign for the conquest of Dacia, modern-day Romania, by Emperor Trajan.

The route then continues to the Forum of Trajan, through a passageway under Via dei Fori Imperiali, leading to the Forum of Caesar and exiting near Largo Corrado Ricci.

The visit, accompanied by guides in Italian, takes about an hour and a half.

Admission costs €4 with free entry for holders of the MIC museum pass. Reservations recommended on tel. 060608, for full visiting details see website.


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