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Rome hosts Rally di Roma this weekend

Rally di Roma Capitale returns to the streets of the Italian capital this weekend, with an opening ceremony from 18.00 on Friday 28 July.

The cars will leave Piazza della Bocca della Verità and make their way through the centre to the rally circuit in the Colle Oppio district, against the backdrop of the Colosseum.

The race, which is open to spectators, kicks off at 20.00 and is expected to finish at about 23.00.

The rally will move to the town of Fiuggi in the Lazio region over the weekend, returning to the Colle Oppio in Rome for an awards ceremony on Sunday evening.

The event will lead to disruption to traffic and public transport in the Colle Oppio area over the weekend.

For full details of the Rally di Roma Capitale see city website.


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