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Rome hosts multimedia Van Gogh Experience

Van Gogh Experience arrives in Rome.

Rome hosts an immersive, multimedia exhibition dedicated to the world of Vincent Van Gogh from 28 October until 31 March 2024.

The experience involves the use of video mapping and multimedia projections to conjure up the swirling landscapes, starry nights and sunflowers painted by the Dutch artist.

Organisers say that visitors will be “living protagonists” in the artist’s paintings: “under your feet the pebbles he painted, between your fingers the dazzling yellow of his thousand sunflowers.”

Thanks to virtual reality technology, visitors will also have the chance to see the world “through Van Gogh’s eyes”.

The show, which does not include original paintings by the artist, is presented by Next Exhibition and will be held at the former Cinema Avila on Corso d’Italia 37d.

For tickets and visiting times see website.


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