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Rome exhibition by Anna Di Paola: Misero Blu

Maja Arte Contemporanea presents the first solo exhibition by Anna Di Paola, a young artist from Italy’s Molise region, until 28 November.

Di Paola uses cyanotype to make 15  portraits – timeless and mysterious – emerge out of a Prussian blue print; through these she evokes 15 analogous images from Picasso’s Blue Period.

“Choosing to initiate a dialogue with Pablo Picasso is a bold and brave act on behalf of any young artist: the latter runs the risk of being crushed under the weight of the master’s unparalleled celebrity or to fall prey to the conventional vices of Picassisms, so common in the 1950s” – writes critic Lorenzo Canova – “And yet, Anna Di Paola dared do so and conquered the challenge she set for herself.”

For opening times see gallery website.


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