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Rome environmental groups slam tree pruning in nesting season

Late pruning of trees destroys birds’ nests, say campaigners in Rome.

Environmental groups are protesting against the pruning of Rome’s trees, currently in full swing, claiming that it is destroying birds’ nests as well as being detrimental to trees at this stage in their cycle.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) recently slammed the “badly planned pruning of trees” in the city as has the International Organisation for the Protection of Animals (OPIA) which states that the conservation of nesting birds is regulated by a specific EU directive (147/2009).

OIPA also pointed out that the late pruning of Rome’s trees contravenes a municipal regulation which prohibits the cutting of the city’s hedges or trees on public land that “damage or remove nests,” reports online newspaper RomaToday.

In addition to the risk to nesting birds and fledgling chicks, the pruning of deciduous trees in spring results in the trees losing the sap they have reserved to produce new leaves, which in turn can weaken the tree.

The reason for the off-season pruning operation relates to the late start of a three-year contract, worth €60 million, which was announced in September.

Heralded by the city at the time as “historic,” the pruning campaign has divided the city into eight lots for tree pruning, reports RomaToday.

However, despite being announced six months ago, the pruning operation only got underway in late March.

Photo Wanted in Rome.

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