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Romaeuropa Festival: Tomorrow Comes The Harvest

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Romaeuropa presents Tomorrow Comes The Harvest on 12 September.

The music programme of the 2023 Romaeuropa Festival kicks off on Tuesday 12 September with Tomorrow Comes The Harvest featuring Detroit techno legend Jeff Mills with musicians Jean-Phi Dary and Prabhu Edouard.

The electronic music project, focused on transcendence, will see the three musicians converge around the sounds that characterised the album Tomorrow Comes The Harvest on which Mills worked in 2018 with the late Afro beat pioneer Tony Allen.

“Three luminaries from different musical worlds – who represent as many musical traditions – engage in a musical “ritual” dedicated to the unknown, to the rhythms that make the heart beat, to the sounds that invite us to transcend reality”, reads the Romaeuropa website.

The event will take place in the open-air Cavea venue at the Auditorium Parco della Musica Ennio Morricone at 21.00 on 12 September.

Romaeuropa, Rome’s multidisciplinary arts festival, hosts an action-packed programme of contemporary dance, theatre, art, music, technology and events for kids.

The 38th edition of the festival will see 90 different shows held in 13 venues across Rome, involving more than 500 artists from around the world, from 6 September until 19 November.

For full details of the 2023 programme and ticket information see Romaeuropa website.


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