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Romaeuropa Festival: Fantasie Meccaniche in Rome

Music by Ondrej Adámek, Unsuk Chin, Vito Žuraj.

Romaeuropa Festival stages the national premiere of Fantasie Meccaniche at the Auditorium Parco della Musica Ennio Morricone in Rome on Saturday 4 November at 17.00.

The event is dedicated to three celebrated contemporary composers – Ondrej Adámek, Unsuk Chin and Vito Žuraj – each of whom in the past have held scholarships at the Villa Massimo German Academy in Rome before gaining international acclaim for their originality.

The evening comprises three ensemble performances of musical compositions by the three composers – Karakuri – Poupée mécanique by Adámek, Fantaisie Mécanique by Chin, and Hors d’œuvre by Žuraj – and concluding with Xerrox Vol. 4 by Alva Noto.

Romaeuropa, Rome’s multidisciplinary arts festival, hosts a diverse programme of contemporary dance, theatre, art, music, technology and events for kids.

The 38th edition of the festival comprises 90 different shows being held in 13 venues across Rome, involving more than 500 artists from around the world, until 19 November.

For more information about Fantasie Meccaniche and the 2023 festival programme see Romaeuropa website.


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