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Rocca di Papa, Palazzola opens its doors to external events

Scheduled visits to raise awareness of the artistic and cultural heritage and landscape of Rocca di Papa.

From December 8th, Palazzola di Rocca di Papa “invites the public to discover the recipes and delicacies of medieval cuisine, sip spiced wine and more…”.  

The announcement goes on enticingly:

“Summer is over. Diving in the pool, sunbathing, and dining in the shade in front of the lake will return in spring. Right now is a moment for reflection, intimacy, waiting for the explosion of Christmas. You can find all of that here as well. Imagine the lit fireplace, the discreet light of the antique lamps, a good book, and the company of those who have chosen to share the experience with you, or new friends.  Then, at just the right time, take two steps into the crisp air on the terrace to admire a sunset or an enchanted landscape that seems to hover in mid-air between the water of the lake and the autumn sky”.

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