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Reshaping Matter: online art event in Rome

Reshaping Matter. Nuovo contatto fra arte e spazio (A new contact between art and space) is an online contemporary art event, from 20 July until 20 October 2020.

Curated by Eleonora Caratelli, Francesca Cavallo, Giuliana Fiore, Alessia Procopio, the art event is the outcome of the ‘Management and Organization of Cultural Events’ course, taught by Professor Jacopo Benci at Centro di Alta Formazione – Professional & Continuing Education, John Cabot University, Rome.

Fiona Crisp, “Material Sight”, 2018, installation, NGCA Sunderland, courtesy Fiona Crisp/Matt’s Gallery, London

Reshaping Matter exhibits a selection of significant works by four representatives of contemporary British art: Fiona Crisp, Dunhill and O’Brien (artists Mark Dunhill and Tamiko O’Brien’s collaborative practice since 1998), Aisling Hedgecock, Michael Mazière.

Despite the diversity of their backgrounds and the media they use, similar or comparable practices, visions, approaches can indeed be identified.

Michael Mazière, “Assassin”, 2006, video, 10’00”, courtesy Michael Mazière/The LUX, London

The Reshaping Matter exhibition project took shape in the new context brought about by the covid-19 pandemic. This unprecedented situation stimulated a reflection on the relationship between contemporary art and virtual space; it was precisely the use of digital platforms, in fact, made it possible for interaction and direct dialogue with artists based outside of Italy.

Aisling Hedgecock, “Antikörpers”, 2020, courtesy Aisling Hedgecock

The works presented in Reshaping Matter are linked together by a common thread which can be identified in the artists’ creative process: the tendency to reshape and reconfigure matter through direct contact and manipulation of pre-existing materials, with three works selected for each of the four artists.

Full details can be found on the Reshaping Matter website.

Cover image: Dunhill and O’Brien, “Examples in Sculpture”, 2003, courtesy Dunhill and O’Brien.


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