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Italy to celebrate 100 years of Italo Calvino with Rome exhibition

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Scuderie del Quirinale to host Favoloso Calvino from 14 October to 4 February 2024.

On the centenary of the birth of Italo Calvino, a major exhibition at the Scuderie del Quirinale in Rome will celebrate the acclaimed Italian writer and his relationship with the arts.

The Favoloso Calvino exhibition highlights the creative path of the writer, who died in 1985, by displaying art that inspired his writings, imagination and theories.

The show will comprise more than 200 works including paintings, sculptures and drawings by artists from the Renaissance to today, mediaeval illuminated manuscripts and tapestries.

On display will be masterpieces by artists including Carpaccio, de Chirico, Gnoli, Melotti, Escher and Paul Klee alongside photographic portraits of the writer by Carla Cerati and Sebastião Salgado.

The exhibition will also include original volumes and first editions of Calvino’s books, displayed with some of the author’s most famous quotations.

Ogranisers say the exhibition illustrates Calvino’s journey through life including “choices, political and civil commitment, places and above all his literary production and working methods”.

Calvino is known internationally for his Cosmicomics collection of short stories (1965) and the novels Invisible Cities (1972) and If on a winter’s night a traveler (1979).

For exhibition details see Scuderie del Quirinale website.


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