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Italy braced for intense heatwave

Temperatures set to reach peaks of up to 43°C in Sardinia.

Italy faces its first heatwave of the year this week, after a ‘cooler’ than normal summer so far, with temperatures expected to rise to the high 30s across most of the country, including the north, reaching peaks of more than 40°C in the south.

Warm currents of air from northern Africa will raise the temperatures in Italy, with a subtropical anticyclone causing an “intense heatwave,” meteorologist Andrea Vuolo told Italian news agency ANSA.

Temperatures will peak this coming weekend, according to Il Meteo weather website, with inland areas of Sardinia braced for 42/43°C, and inland areas of Sicily and Tuscany facing 40/41° C.

In the coming days Florence can expect peaks of up to 39/40°C; Rome and Bologna up to 38°C; with temperatures set to rise as high as 36°C in Milan and Turin.

This wave of hot weather – which will result in night temperatures of up to 22°C – is set to last until the start of August when a sharp drop in temperature is expected in northern Italy.

The health ministry has issued information relating to the heatwave, with daily updates on temperatures for 27 cities and advice on how to cope with the heat.

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