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House of the Rising Light at Dorothy Circus Gallery Rome

Rome’s Dorothy Circus Gallery Rome stages The House of the Rising Light, a group show featuring 42 Asian artists coming from different countries, from 30 July until 18 September.

Comprising sculpture, photography and contemporary painting, the House of the Rising Light collection spans an extensive range of techniques and contexts, covering a wide overview of trends, both traditional and modern. 

The exhibition comprises elements of the blossoming street art movement of the Philippines to the Shangai and Hong Kong scene, represented in the exhibition by BLIC, AHOY, Messy Desk, passing through the Cambodian roots and LA vibes expressed by the great Andrew Hem, to the breathtaking Pop Surrealist artistry of Japan, represented by the masterful Pop Surrealist Yoko d’Holbachie, Junko Mitzuno.

Sculptural pieces prevailing as an outstanding facet of the show, with outstanding works by Japanese women sculptors Moe Nakamura, Chishi Morimura, Emy Katsuta, Maki Hino, Ai Aibara, Aya Kakeda. Also worth watching are rising stars of the Japanese figurative art scene Tada Koiichiro, and Cheng Cheng Yi and Ziqian Liu, the conceptual genius of Chinese self-portrait photography, showing alongside established Fuco Ueda master of Asian Contemporary, Yosuke Ueno, Tran Nguyen, Karin Iwabuchi, Jeffrey Chong Wang and more DCG Artists.

For more information about the exhibition and the participating artists see Dorothy Circus Gallery website.


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