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Gilbert Halaby exhibition at Maja Arte Contemporanea in Rome

Une Comédie Romaine by Gilbert Halaby

Maja Arte Contemporanea hosts Une Comédie Romaine, the first Roman solo show by the Lebanese artist Gilbert Halaby, from 1 June to 15 July.

The exhibition features around 30 paintings created over the past two years in the painter’s adopted city of Rome.

Halaby paints scenes of life in the historic centre of the Italian capital, featuring images of priests, nuns and passersby, immortalised in coloured silhouettes.

As Nora Iosia writes in the exhibition catalogue, Halaby’s images play on Rome’s “carpe diem” quality and the city’s “blissful indifference to the passing of time or the changing seasons, a lasting trait, which makes its spaces unique in the world.”

The exhibition opens on Thursday 1 June at 17.00, for more details see gallery website.

Cover image: Gilbert Halaby ‘Frame me’ (detail)


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