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Exhibition explores the birth of Rome as a capital city

Exhibition held on 150th anniversary of Rome as Italian capital.

Rome hosts an exhibition that explores the first decades after the city became the capital of Italy.

Titled Rome. Birth of a capital 1870-1915, the exhibition can be visited at Palazzo Braschi, at Piazza Navona, until 26 September.

The show comprises more than 600 works and documents, taking the visitor on an historic, urban-architectural, political and social itinerary through the modern capital and its main protagonists.

Starting from the Capture of Rome at Porta Pia on 20 September 1870, the exhibition delves into the archaeological excavations, demolitions and reconstructions that shaped the capital of the newly-formed Kingdom of Italy.

The exhibition also illustrates socio-cultural changes – from politics and art to trade, tourism and sport – leading up to the outbreak of world war one.

For full visiting details see Museo di Roma Palazzo Braschi website.


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