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English-language theatre in Rome: Commencing by Jane Shepard

Wonderwall Entertainment presents Commencing by Jane Shepard, an English-language theatrical production in Rome, from 19-23 April.

Described as “playful, thought-provoking and touching”, the play will be staged at Teatro Le Salette on Vicolo del Campanile 14, located near the Vatican between Borgo Pio and Via della Conciliazione.

A flower delivery and an appointment for a blind date set up a comedy of errors and a series of misunderstandings between the two protagonists Arlin and Kelli.

Organisers say the play, directed by Shelagh Stuchbery and starring Parysa Pourmoneshi and Mertxe Alzaga, is suitable for mature audiences.

Performances take place Wednesday to Friday 19-21 April at 19.30, and Saturday and Sunday 22-23 April at 17.00.

Tickets cost €15 full, €12 reduced (students) and €13 reduced (seniors), plus €2 theatre season card valid all year.

Booking is required: or tel. 3478248661.


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