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Dacia: Ancient treasures from Romania go on show in Italy

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Dacia: The Last Frontier of the Roman World runs from 21 November until 21 April.

The Museo Nazionale Romano at the Baths of Diocletian presents the largest and most prestigious exhibition of archaeological finds organised by Romania abroad in recent decades.

The exhibit traces the historical and cultural development of the Romanian territory from the eighth century BC to the eighth century AD, highlighting the legacy of various civilisations, including the Romans.

On display are around 1,000 objects from 47 Romanian museums, as well as from the National Museum of History in the Republic of Moldova, exhibited for the first time alongside artefacts from the National Roman Museum.

Highlights include the second-century AD marble statue of the snake god Glycon; the Thracian Golden Helmet of Coțofenești, the bronze Celtic helmet from Ciumeşti; and the Pietroasele Treasure from the fourth century AD.

For full exhibition details and visiting information see Museo Nazionale Romano website.


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