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Città della Pizza: Rome pizza festival

Rome pizza festival from 20-22 October.

Rome sees a return of Città della Pizza, the festival dedicated entirely to pizza, near the Arco di Travertino metro station on Via Collegentilesco 11 over the weekend of 20-22 October.

The pizza fest will include the participation of dozens of master pizza-makers or pizzaioli, with multiple pizza varieties available, including regional variations from across Italy. 

Visitors can choose from traditional to avant-garde pizza styles, as well as a range of craft beers, biological wine, and fried foods.

There are also pizza workshops, tastings, food shows and competitions. Entry is free, with tokens on sale for the purchase of food and beverages. 

Open Friday 18.00 until midnight, Saturday 11.00 to midnight and Sunday 11.00 until 22.00. For full details see website.


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